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Today's Date: 24/05/2022

Unistock Extended Manual Squeeze Crate

(Patent Number: 2490949B)

The Unistock Extended Manual Squeeze Crush is the combination of the Unistock Manual Squeeze Crush and the Unistock Veterinary Area all welded together as one versatile unit. This unit creates a mini system that can be easily moved around the farm as needed and offers all the benefits of a manual squeeze crate with the additional safety of the Unistock Veterinary Area which offers a safe area for the stockman and vet to work.

The Unistock Manual Squeeze Crate offers the same unique, patented multi-angular squeeze action as the Unistock Hydraulic Squeeze Crate giving individual control of the front and rear sections. The result is a cost effective, smooth flowing and easy to use system.


Unistock Extended Manual Cattle Squeeze Crate 2
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Unistock Extended Manual Squeeze Crate


Features & Benefits

  • Neat and tidy controls
  • Quite, gentle squeeze action
  • Unique, patented multi angular squeeze action allows independent control of front and rear sections
  • Inside of crush can be angled to accommodate all sizes of cattle
  • Total access to upper and lower part of animal's body
  • Neck injection door at either side of crush, immediately behind headgate
  • Rubber traction top floor covering extends full length of machine
  • Greater safety and control for operator and animal



  • Overall width 36"(915mm)
  • Overall height 85" (2160mm)
  • Overall length 147" (3750mm)


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