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Today's Date: 30/06/2022

Unistock Manual Multi Angular Cattle Squeeze Crate

Patent no: (UK) 2490949B / (Ireland) 86426

The Unistock Manual Multi-Angular Cattle Squeeze Crush with its unique multi angular squeeze action offers unparalleled versatility and control at an affordable price. The front and rear sections narrow and widen independently to cater for animals of all sizes and create a 'funnel' effect to reassure and guide young stock. The front squeeze action holds the animal whilst the back is released giving easy access to the rear. The versatile method of operation, combined with simple controls and ease of use makes this machine a valuable asset to any farmer. It is available in standard length or extended to include the Unistock Veterinary Area It can also be supplied with or without a sliding rear door on the crush.

Unistock Manual Cattle Squeeze Crate 6
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Unistock Manual Cattle Squeeze Crate

Features and Benefits


  • Gentle but firm squeeze offers calm and security for animals of all sizes and ages.
  • Squeezes from 30" to 8.
  • Unique, patented, multi angular squeeze action applies pressure to the areas required.
  • Simple controls and ease of use.
  • Available in 3 options - Standard Length Crush, Extended Crush with Veterinary Area, Mobile System
  • Optional rear sliding door can be fitted to crush



  • Overall width 36" (915mm)
  • Overal height 85" (2160mm)
  • Overal length 96" (2440mm)


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