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Today's Date: 30/06/2022

Unistock Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Crate

Patent Number: (UK) 2490949B / (Ireland) 86426

In recent years many customers have expressed their interest in the concept of a squeeze crush but they had been disappointed by the fact that the various limitations of previously available squeeze crushes meant that they did not fulfil their expectations.In reply to this, the Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crate represents natural progression and expansion of the Unistock range of products. It has been developed with the same attention to detail and maintains the same robust construction for which the Unistock Range is widely recognised.

Although it is not a new idea to limit the amount of space available to an animal within the cattle crush, it is now thought to be of particular benefit to apply slight squeeze pressure in order to help calm and reassure the animal whilst the necessary, and often difficult, tasks i.e. belly clipping etc are carried out.

As with other Unistock Cattle Crates, this latest addition to the Unistock Range can be combined with electronic weighing and / or EID to create a complete farm management system.

The Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crate with the Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate fitted as standard, has had particular attention given to ease of operation, simplicity of access and, most significantly, overall quietness during use.

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Unistock Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Crate

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Neat and tidy controls.
  • Moveable control arm - position the controls to suit yourself.
  • Unique Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate fitted as standard.
  • Greatly increased first time capture rate, particularly with quiet or stubborn cattle.
  • Total access to the lower half of the animal.
  • Unrestricted access to the upper half of the animal.
  • Unique multi-angular squeeze action allowing front and back of each side panel to move independently.
  • Multi-angular squeeze action allows rear section to be narrowed to minimise the risk of animals backing out of crate.
  • Rubber mat on floor minimises noise level and helps keep the animals calm.
  • EID panels can be fitted to give fast, accurate electronic recording of weights and tag numbers.
  • Squeezes from 760mm maximum width down to 250mm.

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