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Today's Date: 18/08/2022

Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crates


Our Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crates have now established themselves as firm favourites within the Unistock Range. The Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crates represent natural progression and expansion of the Unistock range of products. They have been developed with the same attention to detail and maintain the same robust construction for which the Unistock Range is widely recognised.

Our Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crates are available with either parallel or Patented Multi-Angular Squeeze with a choice of manual or hydraulic power and in both painted and galvanized finish. The Unistock Twin Rear Sliding Door fitted to the rear gives added control and helps to keep the animal secure whilst the squeeze is applied.

Although it is not a new idea to limit the amount of space available to an animal within the cattle crush, it is now thought to be of particular benefit to apply slight squeeze pressure in order to help calm and reassure the animal whilst the necessary, and often difficult, tasks i.e. belly clipping etc are carried out.

As with other Unistock Cattle Crates, the Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crates can be fitted with the optional Unistock Veterinary Area - Sliding / Access Doors, Unistock Foot Trim Attachments or Unistock Clipping Arm or even electronic weighing and / or EID to create a complete farm management system.

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