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Today's Date: 23/03/2019

Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate


The Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate forms a valuable addition to any race system. Specifically designed to overcome the problems that can occur when weigh beams are placed directly beneath a cattle crush, this new crate allows the animal to be weighed, and at the same time have its ear tags read automatically, before it enters the crush.

The benefit is then such that the animal remains much calmer in the weigh crate and exerts much less stress on the load cells because it is not caught in a headgate and therefore is not struggling to release itself.

This new cattle weigh crate can be made to normal race width of 30" internal (760mm) or can be supplied in an extra wide version of 33" internal (835mm) to cater for the larger, mature cattle such as stock bulls etc. It also features one adjustable side which allows the width to be narrowed down for younger animals.

The Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate comes fitted with traction top rubber mat on the floor and 9mm recycled plastic sheets on the sides. This provides an extremely quiet crate, thus creating a calmer environment for the cattle.

The Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate can be fitted with your individual choice of Indicator plus optional XRP Cattle Panel Reader and / or XRS Stick Reader to provide fast automatic data capture. The sliding door at each end of the cattle weigh crate allows fast individual movement of cattle. The cattle weigh crate would be positioned at the cattle crush end of the race and can have a Unistock Veterinary Area fitted between itself and the cattle crush to create a complete, smooth running system.

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Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate

Features and Benefits


  • Traction top rubber mat on floor
  • 9mm recycled plastic sheets on sides
  • Quiet, calm environment helps keep cattle calm
  • Adjustable side allows narrowing of width to cater for younger cattle
  • Sliding doors at either end of crate allow fast, smooth flow of cattle
  • Avoids unnecessary capture of animals in cattle crush headgate

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