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Today's Date: 24/05/2022

Unistock Cattle Headgate

The Unistock Cattle Headgate was designed to meet the needs of farmers requiring a headgate that can be operated by one person working alone whilst also keeping stockman and animal safe. It can be supplied fitted to any of the Unistock Cattle Crate MK1, Unistock Cattle Crate MK2 or the Unistock Mobile Cattle Crate or supplied on its own for use in a race system.

The unique safety latch incorporates auto catch and auto re-set facilities enabling the stockman to walk away from the headgate after releasing the animal, confident that the gate will re-lock and hold the next one in line. This is of significant benefit to one person working alone with cattle in a race or auction marts needing to pass high numbers of cattle through a headgate in the shortest possible time.

The method of neck bar adjustment means that the head yoke can cater from calves to cows without the need for tools or add-on accessories.

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Unistock Cattle Headgate

Features and Benefits

  • Auto catch and auto re-set facility enabling quick and efficient movement of cattle through crate or race section.
  • Special arrangement enables manual operation if required in the case of horned cattle or bull with neck wider than head.
  • Instantly and safely adjustable neck bars mean that all sizes of cattle can be catered for without the need for tools or add-on accessories.
  • Poll Bar slides up and down on the box section frame and can be locked in the desired position by a simple trigger mechanism. The Poll Bar is operated from outside the extremity of the headgate offering safe operation.
  • Gate Handle - also located on the outside of frame for safe operation can be used to lock the headgate open when there is a requirement to run through a number of animals.
  • The Unistock Cattle Headgate is fully sheeted eliminating the opportunity for the animal's legs or feet to become trapped.


Available with either adjustable, straight neckbars or springloaded, curved neckbars.

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