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Today's Date: 30/06/2022

Unistock Cattle Crate MK2

The Unistock Cattle Crate MK2 is a cattle crush specifically designed to give even greater access than the Unistock Cattle Crate MK1 whilst maintaining maximum safety when belly clipping beef cattle for finishing in accordance with current legislation. Fitted with either the standard Unistock Cattle Headgate or the new Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate, this has become our most popular cattle crush over recent years.

Every effort has been made to maintain the features and benefits of the original Unistock Cattle Crate MK1 with the addition of greater access and the inclusion of the unique anti kick bars as standard.

Again this extremely robust cattle crush can be combined with electronic weighing and / or EID to create a complete livestock handling system.

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Unistock Cattle Crate MK2

Features and Benefits

  • Up-and-over Side Panels - give safe, unobstructed access to the upper half of the animal leaving the lower doors to create an effective shield against injury.
  • Anti Kick Bars - fitted as standard to offer reliable protection during belly clipping of fat cattle
  • Revolving Rump Bar - Fitted as standard to the Unistock MK2 crush, this unique revolving rump bar is operated by an external wheel which is fitted with a strong ratchet lock. This facility provides safe control at the rear end of the animal, even when the side doors are open. This robust bar cannot be displaced and eliminates the need for dangerous loose bars
  • Safety Floor - made from 5mm steel plate covered with non-slip reinforced rubber and solid steel grip bars. The floor provides a quiet surface for the animals to walk on and the absence of any "trough" in the base of the crate gives a flat surface to assist in suckling or fostering calves.
  • Full Access to Lower Half of Animal - Pairs of steel doors extend the full length of both sides, with centrally located, easy opening foot operated spring catches. When open, the doors give unrestricted access to the animal's lower half.
  • Shaped Doors - A major feature of this crate is the ingenious shaping of the doors, ensuring that there is enough space of the right shape to accommodate each animal without permitting undue movement.


  • Overall width 36" (915mm) plus 5" for revolving rump bar handle
  • Overall height 85" (2160mm)
  • Overal length 96" (2440mm)
  • Internal clearance 30" (760mm)



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