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Today's Date: 18/08/2022

Unistock Cattle Crates and Headgates

The Unistock range of cattle headgates, cattle crushes and accessories is now well known for its quality and practical design. The Unistock name has earned the reputation of market leader thanks to the recommendations of our customers who look to Premier Livestock Handling as the way forward in both dairy and beef cattle handling systems.

Unistock Cattle Headgate

Cattle Headgate

Fast secure locking mechanism providing instant safe control over your cattle from calf to bull, for both dairy cows and beef cattle

Unistock Forward Catch Headgate 4

Forward Catch Cattle Headgate

Designed to meet the need of farmers working with quieter cattle who still desire the ease and reliability of an automatic cattle headgate.

Unistock Cattle Crate MK1

Cattle Crate MK1

Substantially built with simple and practical lines, completely eliminating the traditional clutter and obstructions of old fashioned cattle crates and crushes

Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crate 12

Unistock Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Crate

The Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crate with the Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate fitted as standard, has had particular attention given to ease of operation, simplicity of access and, most significantly, overall quietness during use.

Unistock Extended Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Crate 2

Unistock Extended Cattle Crates

Versatile combination of the Unistock Veterinary Area with your choice of Unistock Cattle Crush welded as one unit.


Unistock Extended Manual Cattle Squeeze Crate 1

Unistock Extended Manual Squeeze Crate

Unique multi angular manual squeeze action





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