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Today's Date: 21/08/2019

Unistock Sheeted Cattle Hurdle

Unistock heavy duty, plastic sheeted, cattle race hurdles are ideal for creating the race and funnel section leading up to the veterinary area and cattle crush. They can be combined with sliding doors to create a complete race system offering the opportunity to hold the cattle at different stages for weighing without the need for capture of the animal in the crush.

Unistock Sheeted Cattle Hurdle 7
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Unistock Sheeted Cattle Hurdles


Features and Benefits


  • Heavy duty build quality to withstand pressure of cattle within the race


  • Plastic sheeted providing quiet passage of cattle through the race


  • Sheeting helps focus cattle's attention ahead, minimising distraction and upset


  • Sheeting provides protection - keeping animals' legs safely within the race


  • Easy cleaning and long life


  • Overall height 1.6 metres (Sheeted up to 1.33m from the ground)


  • Overall length 2.6m centre eye to centre eye


  • Also available in 1.75m height


Combine these versatile, heavy duty, cattle race hurdles with our Unistock Sliding Doors to create a smooth flowing race system to meet your own individual needs.

The sliding doors can be used to create a weighing area within the race for fast, efficient weighing when there is no need to capture the animal in the crush.



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