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Today's Date: 29/07/2015

Award Winning Livestock Handling Equipment

Premier Livestock Handling recognise the importance of safe and effective livestock control. Good stockmen are hard to find! Value their skills and keep them safe.

Contact Premier Livestock to discuss our award winning Unistock range of Livestock Handling Equipment that helps you maximise potential whilst establishing & maintaining safety and security at all times. The Unistock range includes practically designed Cattle Headgates including the new Forward Catch Headgate and Cattle Crushes/Cattle Handling Crates /Cattle Chutes etc and Mobile Cattle Handling Crate all designed to ensure that you comply with recently introduced HSE directives.

The Unistock range of cattle handling equipment also includes a range of useful Accessories & Attachments developed to improve productivity, ease of handling and further enhance safety.

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Customer Comments

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"We have recently purchased one of your crates with the forward catching headstock and I thought I'd drop you an email to say even at this stage (only a couple of days old) how impressed we are with it. It is already making it safer and more reliable for one man to tend to the stock. The old pen we had now seems so outdated compared to this one with bigger and stronger animals to handle.

The forward catching mechanism seems to be a great addition as our cattle seem unwilling to push far enough forward when it is set in backwards so we are very impressed as this was a problem I had heard from others about automatic catching headstocks where the animal either trips it with its head or is reluctant to go far enough forward.

Thanks again and I don't see why this crate won't last a lifetime".

J. F.

Comment added 25th January 2013

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